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Jul 26, 2000 02:39 PM

Harlem Cajun

  • j

I'm going nuts trying to figure out the name of the cajun place that just opened in Harlem a little while ago. I think Eric Asimov reviewed it, but can't find info on the NYToday site.

Did I just dream it, or is there a really good place, somewhere near 125 street?


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    1. re: pat

      what's the emoticon for total embarrassment?

      thanks, Pat-who-lives-in-St.-Louis!


    2. i think it might be Bayou, 308 Lenox Ave. btwn 125th and 126th (212-426-3800)

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      1. re: jess

        Yup, I'm afraid that was it. Not good. I'm writing it up as we speak. Ugh.