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Jul 26, 2000 10:35 AM

Please help with "Special Diner" suggestion....

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Hello to all,
I need some help. My wife's 50th birthday is on December 17 and we will be having dinner in NYC, (we're from NJ) I have brought every concievable guide(they didnt help all that much) and have narrowed my search down.
My criteria is:
Would prefer great Italian, we are pasta lovers and there are some really good places here in Jersey, but I want to blow my wife away with some of the great places I have heard about in NYC w/great pasta.

Price does not matter

Romantic, if posible

Prefer a great food rating, but everyone's opinion may vary.

Jacket and Tie/dressy

Must have some "normal food" my wife will not eat organs, livers, brains or tongue, etc.

Not stuffy, I dont want to worry about being embarrased by a rude waiter or maitre'd

Tables not on top of each other.

So far I have narrowed it down to these:
One if By Land, TIBS
Nino's (on First ave)
Windows on The World
World Yacht (a cruise dinner)
San Domenico

I realize some of them are not Italian, but the menu's seemed good and/or the view/atmosphere was great. Windows strikes me as a touristy thing and that's why I eliminated The View. I guess Im seaching for the best of both worlds, great atmosphere and great food/service. I'm open for other suggestions. Right now Nino's is my first choice, but the Yacht cruise dinner sounds good too. Any thoughts on Nino's or One If By Land, TIBS? or perhaps a different choice?

Thank you,

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  1. I know there has been some lively discussion on One if by Land... on this board before, I think generally leaning negative, though mixed. Try a search (might as well try for the others as well), using the box on the upper right of the main page, to see what has been said.

    1. I had dinner (6 of us) at San Domenico recently. Food was excellent and service could not have been more gracious. Actually, I wasn't expecting it to be such a delicious and comfortable experience. Nice surprise!

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        I'll second the motion on San Domenico. Very good food, pleasant atmosphere and service. The menu is varied enough to please both adventurous eaters and the not-so-adventurous. (Ordering goat was my big adventure. And it was terrific.) So you've got my vote.

        1. re: Dena

          And, I THIRD the motion on San Domenico--had a lovely, gracious lunch there in January. Their pasta was special! The place surprised me--I'd expected it to be rather touristy and "chilly"--but it was just the opposite.

          1. re: Lynn

            My daughter had her rehearsal dinner at San Domenico a few years ago. I will disclose that my son-in-law's family knows the owner. The ambiance of the place was quite elegant and the food, even in quantity, was very good. I would definitely like to go again and order whatever I'd like. pat

      2. World Yacht is like attending a floating wedding/bar mitzvah (depending on whether you are seated upstairs or downstairs), including catering hall quality food and service. But I had a great time dancing the hora with some Japanese tourists.