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Jul 24, 2000 08:56 PM

wall street area

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I'm having an arugment with a friend. Why aren't there any good restaurants in the Financial District? There's got to be enough money to support at least one?
Not enough foot traffic at night? What? Any thoughts?

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  1. Reasons for a lack of restaurants in the financial district:

    1) You need to restrict the "lack".....there are lots of fast food places, and a number of highly expensive places. What's missing is the vast middle range. Even given this, there are some, just not enough for the crowd.

    2) As you note, there still isn't much business at night, and it's awfully hard to make a profit in one meal a day. Further, while dinner can be served from (say) 6 PM to 10 PM with fair crowds throughout, lunch is much more restricted. So, even if your restaurant is jammed from 11:30 - 2, you can't serve as many lunches as dinners.

    3) Many big companies have their own cafeterias.

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      Not so sure I agree.
      Despite a NYTimes review that would have killed anyone else, Vine is still doing well.
      According to an inside source, it is because it's the only remotely mid-range restaurant down there with some quality--which I believe the review predicted.
      I think with the proper specifications---subway access, truly good food(like yours Dan), the kind of service one may get even a little further uptown, and a comfortable bar where you could dine---you could really have something.

      1. re: peter

        Recently, a fair number of commercial buildings downtown have been converted to residential buildings. For example, 88 Greenwich (formally known as 19 Rector) is being built out with over 500 units. 71 Broadway has something like 200 units as well. As more and more people move downtown, I'm wondering when restaurants will start staying open past, oh say, 7:00! When I stay in our corporate apartment (71 B'way), it's hard to find a reasonable place to eat or even get clothes cleaned without going into Battery Park City.

      2. Delmonico's is a great place although they are closed on the weekend

        1. Also what about taking a short trip up to Franklin (near Church St)? There is a place called GRACE with great meals and appys and a perfectly woderful after work drink menu. Had a Pimm's Cup and 2 flavorful appy's for @$20.