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Jul 20, 2000 12:45 PM

Pomodoro UWS?

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On columbus between 70/71. A friend of ours is taking us there this weekend. Anybody been?
I posted this on the "what's my craving" board. Sorry, Jim.

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  1. I don't know if the two have any relationship other than the same name, but there is a pizza shop on Spring Street called Pomodoro, that I quite like.

    1. That Pomodoro is actually pretty good. Nothing fancy, but the food is always fresh and the prices are inexpensive to moderate. I usually stick to the pasta dishes, but I occasionally have one of their nightly specials. The portions are large and the service is always good too.

      By the way, this Pomodoro is not affiliated with any other Pomodoro.

      1. I've been there a couple times. It's pleasant, but nothing outstanding. Sorry I can't make any specific recommendations.

        1. Valerie summarized my feelings about Pommodoro perfectly. I not only would tend to order pastas, but stick with the simpler preparations.

          1. I'm probably too late to help you, but just for future reference: Pomodoro serves a tomato soup in a small, round bread that's really good. As for the other dishes, I tend to agree with the other responses -- all OK, nothing great, as are so many UWS restaurants!!