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Jul 20, 2000 11:02 AM

Two recent additions to GCT

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Nem - a Vietnamese sandwich stand - had a nice grilled sirloin sandwich served in baguette-like bread, with a very thin layer of liver pate, cilantro and some vegetables. The bread was somewhat dry, probably because it was late in the day, but I guess that shouldn't be an excuse. (about $6/sandwich)

Two Boots - yet another branch of this chain - you know the drill - above average slices at just above average prices with some interesting topping combinations. (about $3.25/slice)

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  1. And just in case anyone is tempted to try Christer's-- don't. Oily, uncrisp, not-fresh fish with lousy, soggy decidedly un-British chips. They're even skimpy with the malt vinegar.

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    1. re: Beth

      Is there anything on the Dining Concourse that can beat Zocalo? So far they're far and away my fave for nights when I work late and have dinner on the train (Two Boots is good, but not as good as having it fresh and more of a challenge to eat on Metro-North). The chips and guacamole are always fresh; the wraps are above-average, as is the BBQ sandwich; and the frozen margaritas have the right amount of booze in them and last almost to Tarrytown.

      1. re: rcarter

        I also like Zocalo. It is a great place to meet friends after work for a drink, especially if they train out to the burbs. They have a good selection of Mexican beers, not just Coronas, and their margaritas are pretty good.