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Jul 19, 2000 10:53 PM

Chasen's East???

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What's up with Tomoe Sushi? Went there at an off hour as I usually do to avoid the line. It was almost 3pm (if there's brunch why not lunner or lunchdin?) Who should I see strolling out but Mr. Robert Wagner...RJ to those in the know, husband of Natalie Wood, suave star of screen and tube, better known to you youngsters out there as a nemesis of Austin Powers. Though there is some difference of opinion on these boards about Tomoe most would agree that it is not a fancy place. A few short months ago I spied across the small eatery Mr. Tony Bennett amongst the chowhounders and recent NYU grads. I for one am glad that these living legends eschew the glitz of Nobu and eat among the proletariat. Right on!

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  1. Barry, I saw Patti Smith waiting in line for the doors of Tomoe to open for lunch a while back. I was very tempted to join her in that queue, just to say "I stood waiting for sushi with Patti Smith."

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    1. re: Maria

      My favorite Patti Smith celebrity spot:

      She had Christmas dinner at Barney Greengrass in 1999. And she was chowing down on smoked fish with mucho gusto.

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Patti must be a chowhound-I saw her perform live in Hoboken 2 summers ago at a street festival, and she spent several minutes rhapsodizing about the sandwiches at a nearby deli. And for a while there she was a Sunday night regular (as was I) at Raoul's.

        1. re: Martha Gehan

          As Jonathan Richman put it in one of his lyrics, Patti Smith "Eats with Gusto." But she's still skinny.