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Mar 2, 2002 05:09 PM

Burritos in San Jose

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there is a great place called Taqueria Tequilla on Leigh just off southwset expressway in san jose/campbell. they have huge super burritos and all of the meat and extras are great. The super nachos are very good too.

not a lot of excellent burritos in san jose (compared to Mission in SF). Has anyone run accross a particularly good one?

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    Nathan Landau

    We've had recommendations about this before--I have notes to go to 17th & Julian and other places. Aqui on Lincoln in Willow Glen is kind of a Mexican/California cuisine border restaurant--more expensive than basic taquerias but very good burritos and other things. They've opened a branch in the Almaden Valley, South San Jose, which I have not yet tried.

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    1. re: Nathan Landau

      actually, i thought Aqui was really bad. it is way overpriced and just doesn't have any charm. it is somewhat of a yuppie joint and not necessarily for a chowhound.

      the food is sort of california cuisine mexican food and they focus on presentation and miss the bus on flavor.

      i'm definitely not trying to be mean or argue. just thought i'd add my opinion.
      Happy Eating!