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Jul 14, 2000 11:38 AM

Restaurants with Dancing

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Where can one go to have dinner and dancing in NY, NY

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  1. Delia's on 3rd street between Ave A & B. (I may be off by a block.) The food is OK to Good. I haven't been there in two years. (That's how old my daughter is. Coincidence?) But call them.

    Boca Chica on First Ave and 2nd or 3rd street. (Again, off by a block or so.) Spanish food which could be good. They clear the tables on the weekends after say 10:30 and have a live band. Feels very festive and communal. Again, call before. Good luck.

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      Do they still dance at Boca Chica - I thought that stopped years ago? Can you confirm that you've done this recently? Not to doubt you , its just that i specifically asked about this a few years ago when I showed up a couple of saturday nights and no dancing occured. I was informed that it was no more and hadnt been for a year when I asked! If it has reinstated itself I woud be very very happy, that was the most fun, great music and crowd and excellent dancers showed up!