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Jul 13, 2000 02:25 PM

Fauchon on Park

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During my daily trek through the food desert of midtown I was amazed to see signs for Fauchon, the famed Parisian food emporium, on the windows of a storefront at the northwest corner of 56th and Park. No mention of when it might materialize, however. A mirage, perhaps?

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  1. Supposedly, they are opening this month. Can't wait for the excellent teas , jams, mustards and herrings among other faves from the Paris store. But alas they will not be carrying, thanks to the FDA, the marvelous raw-milk cheeses they purvey in France.

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    1. re: Martha Gehan

      I know nothing of this store, but ANY store is permitted to carry raw milk cheeses that meet the 60 day statute. While this eliminates Camembert, Epoisses etc, those too have been known to arrive on these shores for sale.

      1. re: Chris

        Yes, I should have qualified that I was referring to cheeses aged less than sixty days. And some of those do make it here in a clandestine fashion (Jeffrey Steingarten recently had an article in Vogue detailing in his usual amusing fashion his importation of verboten cheeses for his personal use). But I'm not holding my breath for the day when I can sally into Fauchon on Park and buy epoisses. Coincidentally, today's Times has an article on page 1 of the Metro section detailing this very subject, including the alarming news that the FDA may ban all raw-milk cheeses from importation.

      2. re: Martha Gehan
        Adam Stephanides

        Will they be selling pastries like the Paris store?


        1. re: Martha Gehan

          Fauchon has now been open for some time and although the store is a pale shadow of it's Parisian self there are a few notable items to be had.

          1) Best Quiche Lorraine this side of the pond. This can be enjoyed in Fauchon's pricey Tea Room. Since you're splurging anyway, finish off your repast with a cup of 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain. It is also possible to purchase slices to go (much more inexpensively I might add) and these are perfectly good heated for 3-5 mins in a hot oven. The quiche itself is a buttery, tender egg-custard, perfumed with the aroma of cheese and studded with bits of crisped bacon on a flaky pastry crust.

          2) Chocolate! Need I say more?

          3) For those who like 'em (and I ain't one) those sugared jelly candies are here and friends of mine who are afficionados say they are just as good here as there.

          4) Teas - Large selection, selected by experts. If you like western style teas this is a great place to get them. Of course the French learned about tea from the English who learned about it from the Indians who learned about it from China, so I'm not sure what all the hoopla is about. Most of the stuff they do with tea just makes us chinee-folk giggle, teehee.