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Jul 13, 2000 07:29 AM

Good hangouts while waiting for film to develop in Photography District?

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I have a three hour wait on 17th St. between Fifth and Sixth in the middle of the day. Any suggestions of pleasant, relatively quiet places to read and drink a cup of coffee? I tried both Barnes & Nobles around there and Union Square Park and found them all too crowded and noisy. Thanks!

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  1. Eureka Joe, 168 Fifth Ave. (between 21st-22nd streets). Great place to hang out!

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    1. re: ruthk

      Thanks! I'll head over there this afternoon.

      1. re: Ellen
        Jessica Shatan

        There is also a little cafe on the east side of Bway betw. 17th and 18th (or 18th and 19th), with decent (not super-great) coffee, cookies, etc. It's got a couch in the window and is bigger than you think because it goes back into a very relaxing skylit area. Slow, empty, pleasant music.

        1. re: Jessica Shatan

          I think the place Jessica's referring to is called Java and Jazz, or something similar. It's between 17th and 18th, a couple of doors up from Ranch 1.

          1. re: Caitlin
            Jessica Shatan

            Yeah--Java & Jazz, that's it. Nothing really special, just a good hang if you're in the nabe, and not crowded. Thanks.

      2. re: ruthk

        I agree, when I first moved to New York, I wiled away many many hours there. I always found the crowd to be really relaxed and inviting. Plus, they have great carmel macchiatos.

      3. The little Belgian place La Petite Abeille (The Little Bee) is at 107 W. 18th, just west of 6th.

        Maybe not great for reading, but a seat in the window on a sunny day with a cup of coffee and a scone makes for very pleasant lingering!