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Jul 12, 2000 12:56 PM

Ruby Foo's theatre district

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I don't mean to set myself up for a sucker punch since I've read the archives on this chain. My in-laws from Maine who don't know from Chinese food , flavors, or authenticity for that matter are coming and I was just wondering if the theatre district version had the same quality food as the uptown location, is the decor as wonderfully gaudy? Just want a place with some flash and reasonable prices that they would be able to swallow while getting away from Busters which we take them to everytime and I'm sick of.

Thanks for the help and lack of insults.

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  1. Haven't been to the uptown restaurant, but the Times Square decor is relatively subdued and the prices are pretty pricey. Best dishes were appetizers and American-style desserts.

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      haven't gone to the uptown one either but the one on Times Square wasn't that impressive. Ultra slow service, pricey food, decor was interesting though. Best dish was the salmon w/ wasabi.

    2. I've been to both branches, and I prefer the decor of the Uptown location; with it's 2 floors, it makes a more dramatic impression. However, the Times Square locale isn't frumpy by any means. And I found the food to be identical at both spots. Though it may sound like a boring choice, the flavors of the arugula salad are wonderful, and the sushi is great, too. But the highlight of my meals has been the chocolate and banana dessert. Do not miss it!