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Jul 8, 2000 12:04 AM

La Locanda

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Has anyone else eaten at La Locanda on Ninth between
49th and 50th (next to MacDonalds :-0)? It's really
a quiet jewel. They were very good to us, the food
was terrific, and the atmosphere was very pleasant.

They took great pride in their wine list and asked us
to try a favorite, promising to take it back if it
wasn't satisfactory. It wasn't our kind of wine and
they tried another with great satisfaction!

The service was very attentive and we'll be
going back this weekend. We've eaten at Julians
(nearby) and Putanesca (very loud). The food at La
Locanda is not as theatric as Putanesca, but it is
just as wonderful as Julians (and perhaps 20%
cheaper). It's a jewel.
Peace, David Tillyer

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  1. Can you recommend a few dishes? I work right near there and will definetly try it for lunch.