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Jul 6, 2000 01:27 PM

Rockefeller Center Eats?

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I am moving offices to Rockefeller Center. Does anyone know any good non-touristy places for lunch and also after-work drinks? Thanx!

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  1. Judson Grill on 51st. it has a great bar where you can almost always get a seat without booking even on busy lunch days.

    1. I liked Remi (145 W. 53rd) a lot for special lunches (they also have Remi To Go--a really nice lower-priced al fresco cafe). It's been about 4 years since we went there last, so am hoping it's still wonderful.

      1. Mangia, at 16 E 48th, has a giant selection of salad bar-type things in the downstairs section and a sit-down area upstairs with ok Italian leaning food. Wu Liang Ye, at 36 W 48th, has above average Chinese food, served in an elegant townhouse.

        1. I've worked in the Rock Center area for two years now, and my best advice is, "don't take that job!" Stay wherever you are; the food almost has to be better. The tourist palate is undemanding...

          There are a number of solid higher end restaurants (JUdson Grill, that new imported from Dallas steak joint, a handful of Frenchies, Brazilians, and Italiens), but let's face it, most workday restaurant occassions are quick lunches (either eat-in or take-out). I've found the Rock Center area almost entirely lacking in color and character for lunch places.

          I hit an Indian restaurant yesterday betw. 46-47th and 6-Broadway (in a passage betw. two buidings). Sorry, missed the name. Friendly service, nice setting, and a solid -- though not memorable -- buffet for $12.

          If you're willing to walk for a good burger, hit Island Burgers & Shakes at 51st/9th.

          Good Thai food in a typically garish setting can be had at Pongsri Thai (48th & 8th).

          Decent drinks are easy to find in this area, so I won't waste any cyberink on that.

          Good luck. You'll need it.

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            The Indian restaurant you are referring to is called Utsav.

          2. Apparently there's a barbecue guy from Texas who's set up his smoker somewhere outside at Rockefeller Plaza and is serving his wares there through Labor Day. I've been meaning to get over there and try it, but haven't made it yet. Anyone checked this out?