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Jul 5, 2000 06:50 PM

xunta galcian rest.

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JIM-thanks for the reccomendation of galacian bar/resurant XUNTA on 1st ave around 11th st. I went in early june,on the day of week / time you suggested, early evening. it wasnt crowded at all but startd to fill up gradually with after work crowd. Wasn't very hungry so I settled in at my barral with a cold delicious glass of one of the albarinos (in th $5oo glass range). I got the tapas size portion of the squid with paprika. I t was served with a basket of bread. I waited about 20 minutes (glancing occasonaily at the cut waitress and ordering more wine) and out came a much bigger then expected, plate of the best squid i've ever eaten. tender and just slightly fishy withloads of oil (GREAT TO DIP BREAD IN) and paprika. The diners who sat next to me , still deciding what to order [the whole menu looks incredible]all looked over at my plate when it was set down and askedme what it was. I gladly shared some with thm and their closed yes and looks of bliss made me so happy! Sharing good food is the best! The bread that cme with the food was also some of the best i've ever eaten. Brown, chewy and sweet thick slices, BOOM! I asked the waitress if they made it ther, could i get some, she said "A lot of people ask that," but no, they have it made special for them in queens or the bronx (I'm still going to look into it thought.)) Thanks again Jimm EVERBODY GO EAT THERE! ( when i find the credit card recipet that i wrote the name of that wine on i'll post it {just the name not the card #]-

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    This is one of the most wildly varying restaurants I know. I've eaten Galician octopus nearly as well-prepared as in Lugo (Galicia). I've also been served rubbery funk, sprinkled with corn (!!) oil, and other similarly cynical inedibility.

    Caveat eater on this one, everybody!!


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      Have to agree on the disclaimer. I used to live down the street and the place gets packed early. I did manage to go early one day with some friends. The Sangria was terrible and the traditional bread with tomatoes was more like bruchetta? Now I haven't tried the squid but have to say with the amount of folks that roll through there, they had to be doing something right. I'd love to hear about some of the dishes that people have eaten there that are good.

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        a few quick corrections: pulpo is octopus, not squid. and it's not a matter of finding the right dishes...any of 'em CAN be good on a good night. or awful on a bad one. and I think most of the crowds are there for the hang rather than the food. Though, once again, I have had the delicious and impeccably authentic tapas there (the most authentic ones I've ever had in this country).

        But when it's bad it's odious...


        1. re: Jim Leff

          Saw a mouse run across the floor here...nobody on the staff seemed to care...I'll NEVER go back.

        2. re: SLAP

          re: "traditional bread with tomatoes" - This sounds more Catalan than Gallician. I noticed the correction of octopus with olive oil and paprika. "Pulpo a la Gallego" would be octopus, but I've run across latinos who translate "pulpo" as squid.

          1. re: bux

            "re: "traditional bread with tomatoes" - This sounds more Catalan than Gallician"

            certainly Catalan originated, but (with good reason) popular all over Spain at this point.

            "Pulpo a la Gallego" would be octopus, but I've run across latinos who translate "pulpo" as squid. "

            maybe so, but they're being incorrect. Pulpo (at least in accepted educated Spanish) always means octopus.


            1. re: Jim Leff

              ``I've run across latinos who translate "pulpo" as squid."Not clever ones. There used to be a good marisqueria/cocteleria in East Los called El Pulpo Loco: the Crazy Octopus.