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Jul 5, 2000 04:23 PM

Had it with Uncle Nick's

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Uncle Nick's is a neighborhood Greek restaurant on Ninth Avenue (around 50th Street)and we've always gone there despite somewhat rude service and the fact that they put chairs on tables around 11 p.m.

The other night something happened that made me walk out and refuse to go back. Around 9 p.m. my wife and I agreed to meet there and she arrived first. The woman at the door told her that she couldn't sit down at a table until I arrived! So I arrived and she was standing out front. We went in to get a table and I mentioned to this woman that I thought it was a little unfriendly to make a paying customer wait outside. If she had apologized and alluded to some "policy", I would have been molified. However, she rather stridently said that she had to have all the party present before she would let us in and said it was a good idea.

We walked out and ended up discovering a fabulous Italian restaurant names La Locanda one block south.
We felt welcome, we received terrific food and there were no hassles. I won't be going back to Uncle Nick's.

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  1. Ever since Ouseria (sp ?) opened next door, we have stopped going to the main place.

    Normally I'd take the name of the person and call
    during the day to complain. Given the amount of
    variety around 9th Ave, no restaurant can afford
    to be arrogant and rude.

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    1. re: anil

      I agree, if you have rude service, call back and complain about that person. Many restaurants have that same policy. BUT when you're a party of 2, why can't they let the other person sit down? It doesn't make sense. If you were just 1 person you would get a table for 2, not a table for 1. (I've never seen a 1/2 table). This policy is ridiculous. If I'm waiting for someone and they won't seat me I usually mention my "theory" to them and also tell them I will be ordering as soon as I sit.

      1. re: Micki

        When you arrive at a restaurant...and your party is not complete...It is "ridiculous" for you to be seated when there is a party that is arriving complete. Their complete party is now waiting at the bar because your incomplete party has been seated...because you made so much "noise" at the door. In the mean time...the restaurant is getting behind in their fully committed evening. Thank you.

        1. re: Jim

          If you're a party of 2 and you can start ordering as soon as you sit (because you know what the other person is going to eat). Then I don't see the problem.
          Like I said before, they don't give out 1/2 tables to parties of 1.
          If you're more then 2 your point is understoond.

          1. re: Micki

            Its better to wait at the bar. Nobody ever orders 1st and then waits for their guest toaarive. its friday night and in the rest. bus. tables are real estate. How about if they raise their prices to cover the waiting time. What purpose do you have at a table, if you are going to wait until guest your arrives? ...a drink? that could be done at the bar.. your tired? ..well then have your guests agree to meet you on time. I dont beleive that its the restaurants responsibility to wait for your guest to arrive. It is their duty to service you and your guest when you are both present. Who wants to hear the specials twice? who wants to be the people waiting at the bar for a table while you sit and "wait" for your guest..Or maybe a better table will open when your guest arrives..think about that

            1. re: BRY

              I order when I sit for my husband. He may be parking the car and will be away for under 10 minutes. I know what he likes, and he likes when I order for him. Some people DO order for others. We like the same dishes and share our meals. It's just something we like to do. I realize most people may not do this, BUT when you do, you should be given a table.

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                  Jim Tentacle

                  The octopus tentacle si so good there you MUST relent and try again