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Jul 2, 2000 08:41 PM

Gigino downtown / reception?

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Many a time I've ordered from Gigino on Greenwich Street, and enjoyed their Salad Etrusca. They've now opened a branch at Robert Wagner Park - anyone tried it? I've heard the room is lovely but also want lovely food, natch. I'm looking for a place to have my wedding reception, hoping for indoor/outdoor space in NYC. Everyone quotes I Trulli and Provence but haven't yet tried the former and have been underwhelmed by the latter. Hoping for something a little more chowhoundy - unexpected, underappreciated, unusual ...

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  1. Gigino in BPC: nice space, mixed food -- some hits, some misses, none of it especially chowhoundy -- and great views at sunset time over the Hudson. Staff is friendly if a bit inexperienced. They're definitely trying but haven't got all the kinks worked out.

    We liked the tuna carpacio, pasta with baby clams, and desserts.

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      Thanks Peter. I visited it and liked the food but was put off - for a reception, mind you - by the detached outdoor public restrooms.
      I DID find the padded walls very appropriate for the occasion though!