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Jun 27, 2000 05:03 PM

great party space for 50 people?

  • k

Any suggestions for a restaurant space that is upscale but fun for 50 to 75 people? Would prefer a private room--I know Azie has a space that's pretty nice, as does Lotus. But I'd love some more suggestions? And a place with great food is a must. . . Thanks!

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  1. I'm fairly certain 11 Madsion Park can handle up to 60. Not sure about 75.

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    1. re: Chris

      They have a private upstairs room with a view of the main dining room and the park. They can easily seat 50 in there.

    2. REMI has a great space for 50-80. I arranged a private dinner there - they are great to work with - food was excellent - room is beautiful. I've also arranged dinner at 11 Madison which was fabulous but I don't think they can do 75 seated. I just looked at some space at The Tonic which might be good for you also.