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Jun 27, 2000 05:00 AM

Impressions: New Madras Palace

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For the past few months we have dropped by New Madras
Palace (28th & Lex on the East Side of the street)
on an average twice a month.

Most of these visits were on weekends, and that too
for lunch between 12-1PM. My impressions of this Kosher place
is as follows:

Decor: Non-existent - poor lighting etc...

Food: This is a south indian restaurant. I must
say that they serve really fresh, and soft iddlies
and fresh vadas of all indian restaurants that I
have visited in NYC. They also have a very good
selection of dosas (specially Mysore masala, and
onion rava masala).

Things that I would avoid (All north indian dishes)
include Uttapumns. On our first visit, I asked the
wait person of what was fresh - On his suggestion
I ordered iddlies, having mentioned to him, that I
had not yet sampled fresh iddlies in the city.

Since then I have always included iddlies as a
starter on each occasion, and every time I had it
fresh and soft. With exception to dosais, Most of
the other non-south-indian dishes that my wife has
ordered have been average at best.

Having not been there during weekdays, or for dinners
I can only suggest lunches during weekends ;-)

Happy chowing ciao.

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  1. Anil, try Mavalli Palace on 29th between Park and Mad. for better South Indian non-veg. I haven't been in a few months since we had a child but the chef was excellent when I was there. And being from the South I ought to know.
    Chola on 58th between Third and Second is terrific. (Yes, it's just a few steps east of Dawat.) Their menu is more diverse than Mavalli Palace - both veg and non, from the North and the South. I like this place and have befriended the host/manager so he always takes care of me. Good eating.

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    1. re: Arun

      Arun, We have been to Mavalli Palace a few times.
      Mostly for dinner. It is just that I've found a very
      few S.indian restaurants that are open before 11 AM
      on weekends - My craving for fresh iddlies subsides by noon.


    2. The iddlis, vadais and rava dosas at New Madras Palace are just fantastic. Uththappams are ok. The Molahaipodi is much better than that at Pongal, the other South Indian restaurant on Lex between 27 & 28.

      Sambhar and chutney are excellent as well.