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Jun 25, 2000 08:24 PM

sullivan between houston and Bleeker

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I live on sullivan street in the west village betweenhouston and bleeker. Any restaurant recommendations for the immediate neighborhood??

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    Barry Strugatz

    On your corner: Aggies. Good breakfasts. Good home cooking. What every neighborhood coffee shop should be.

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    1. re: Barry Strugatz

      Is that witch owner still there who yells at you? Couldn't pay me to eat at a place like that NOR stand in line.

      I don't know what it's like now. Years ago I was talked into going once for breakfast, once for dinner when my soup arrived fifteen minutes after my companion's entree.

      1. re: Karen
        Barry Strugatz

        I've been there a half dozen times mostly for breakfast. I never heard any yelling.

        1. re: Barry Strugatz

          Weighing in on the rest.'s in this nabe, where I've lived for over 20 years:

          > Aggie's is THE WORST - yes, a witch !!
          > Tomoe Sushi is sublime, NONE better in USA. But, ditto-- you couln't PAY ME to stand in that silly line.(Marumi on LaGuardia is wonderful.)
          > Try "Five Points" on Great Jones, a few blocks east. Good food for the price, wonderful vibe, really friendly owners and service.


    2. Tomoe Sushi and Lupa are right around the corner on Thomson. Haven't tried Lupa yet because everytime I'm on that street I'm headed for Tomoe.

      1. As previously mentioned...TOMOE sushi. No other sushi can even compare...I've heard all the plugs for the others and I've tried them all and it is no contest. There may be no better yellowtail in the world.

        1. Lupa is fantastic, and the menu is such that you can get some nibbles or a giant feast (and the $42 tasting menu dinner is one of the great culinary delas in manhattan, a rare case of a prix fixe with both sufficient variety and sheer quantity to justify the price...which in this case if HALF of comparable tasting menus)...go before 7 or after 10 for the best chance of being seated w/o a reservation.

          Tomoe is of course fantastic, if you're willing to wait. Aggie's is best for breakfast--NYC's not much of a breakfast town. Also, Demarchelier, in a doomed space on Houston just west of laGuardia, has a great prix-fixe deal from noon-midnight, of an appetizer (pate, salad, soup), entree (salmon, steak frites, etc.), dessert AND a glass of wine, for $19.95. Haven't tried it but i hear it's good-enough upscale-bistro fare. Omen, on Thompson betwen Prince & Spring, is delicious non-sushi Japanese which is sometimes called "Kyoto-style," but I went there with friends from Tokyo, who LOVED it but didn't understand the Kyoto reference. 'Ino is a great little wine bar on Bedford between 6th ave & Downing, with a wide assortment of affordable & creative, mostly-terrific bruschetta, hot & cold italian sandwiches, and other bites--good for off-hours and late nights. And don't forget Il Mulino, on west 3rd between sullivan & thompson for an obscene, somewhat pricey, italian feast which doesn't sacrifice taste for volume and makes for a fun dinner party. Shanghai Tang, on Houston between W Bway & Wooster is probably the best Chinese in the area, especially if you're ordering the more "authentic" dishes (though the Amer-Chinese standbys are better than usual). Make them your Chinese delivery place--the mandatory soup dumplings actually hold up to delivery, and they offer serviceable sushi for the health nut of the group.