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Jun 23, 2000 08:21 PM

Brunch in East Village/LES

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Can anybody suggest a nice spot for Sunday brunch in the East Village or Lower East Side? The person I'm having brunch with would like to dine outside. (We're familiar with Old Devil Moon, by the way.)


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  1. My favorite place has always been 7A (E. 7th at ave. A). It's a bit cramped at times. They have good eggs bennedict, the brunch is $8.95? it comes with coffee, and a drink.
    I recently went back to Time Cafe on Lafayette, there brunch was good too. But, 7A is my favorite.

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      Best outdoor brunch in the East Village is Miracle Grill, which the much-maligned-on-these-pages Bobby Flay really cut his teeth after FCI graduation. (His father is a Joe Allen owner, I think, and he worked there before Miracle Grill, but that's where his Southwestern cooking started.)

      In addition to being unusual and succulent, the food is really cheap! The garden in back is three times the size of the restaurant, but get there early (noon) or be prepared to wait. And don't miss the chicken tortilla-esque dish served in an individual 5 1/2" cast iron skillet, all poked with fried tortilla strips. Spicy and addictive--I can't bring myself to order anything else. And it's around $8!

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        I ate brunch at 7A once and was quite underwhelmed with the tastiness of the food - it seemed just OK to me. I think I had some kind of pancakes and fresh orange juice - similar to what I order regularly at Teresa's. And the prices for what I got were substantially more than Teresa's, as I remember. I haven't been tempted to return.

        I went to Virage once for lunch and was underwhelmed as well, but it was shortly after the place opened. My girlfriend has been there for brunch a couple of times and likes it. Any feedback from my fellow chowhounds?

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          I like Teresa's too. They have excellent cherry & cheese blintzes, and a good white borsht soup, mmmm.

          I haven't been to Virage, it's one of those places for some reason I just has no appeal to enter. I can't explain other then that, it's strictly a weird restaurant feeling one gets when they walk by someplace at times.

      2. My fave is Veselka, the Ukrainian restaurant at E. 9th St. and Second Ave.

        They have street tables under an awning that are pleasant even in fairly hot weather.


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          I too like Veselka. Especially the rasberry blintzes, potato perogi,& cold borsht. I ususally opt for that type of stuff over the eggs at breakfast. Another thing I like is that you can have kasha with your eggs instead of potatoes.

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            Re: Veselka: I love their raspberry blintzes, but my girlfriend and I went there for brunch recently, and she agreed with me that food there ranges from very good to pretty bad. The potato pirogin were a case in point: Really hard (no moisture at all). Also, I got the borsht without realizing that it was full of sour cream. Overall, I much prefer Teresa's, and its cold red borsht which is just delicious beets, a generous supply of fresh dill, and a half a hard-boiled egg. Teresa's, around the corner from me, is my brunch standby.

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          Adam Stephanides

          Thanks to all for the suggestions; unfortunately they arrived too late (I probably should have mentioned it was June 25th that the brunch was set for). If anyone's interested, we would up going to the Flea Market Cafe and sitting indoors (it was very hot), where I had a dull caramelized apple pancake, and my friend, who wasn't hungry, just had yogurt, cereal, and fruit.