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Jun 21, 2000 02:33 PM


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Has anyone been there? It's on 9th Ave. near 48th st. It's owned by the same people who own jellato (sp?) e. 4th St. and the other place on e. 11th st. between 1st & 2nd (can't remember the name).

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  1. i just stumbled upon it last friday night and had a great dinner there. it has the same menu as jeollado and is equally as good. really great to know about if you're in the neighborhood (or live in it, as i do!).


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      I went their last night and it was fine. Our area really needed a decent sushi place. I saw a sign on a building on 44th st. between 8th & 7th, and it said "Haru" they look like they'll be opening in the near future. That's another decent sushi place, I 'm looking forward to opening.