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Jun 20, 2000 06:29 PM

Indian-Mex discovery

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A couple of weeks ago my boss insisted on finding a Mexican restaurant in midtown (egads) where we could all have dinner. Being at a loss, I went to (egads again) and typed in the coordinates. That and a co-worker suggested Mi Nidito at 852 Eighth Ave.(bet. 51st & 52nd Sts.) It was the cheapest so I said "whatever" and made the reservation.

Now, Jim and a few other people here know that I don't eat meat, and everyone from L.A. knows *real* Mexican food isn't veg-friendly, so I went into the evening fully expecting a plate smeared with lard-beans. I was pleasantly surprised to find a menu full of great vegetarian, highly inauthentic options like "spinach enchiladas" and "Santa Fe burritos." So even though my stomach approved, my brain knew something was up.

At the end of the meal we boldly asked the owner if he was Mexican. Come to find out this man, who has owned the place for about a decade, is Indian and vegetarian himself, and justifiably proud of his menu.

I came back the next night with Dave and we ordered the grande platter, which comes garnished with a mint-flecked potato dumpling that wouldn't be out of place at a chat house in Jackson Heights.

The blue margaritas aren't bad, either.

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  1. About 20 years ago there was an Indian/mexican restaurant on Bleecker Street. I think they had a previous location somewhere in Manhattan as well, but its so long ago I don't remember where.

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      It was a long time ago.

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      Spinach enchiladas are a popular Tex-Mex menu item here in Oklahoma, as are spinach quesadillas, and they can be good (especially the quesadillas). Our good local Tex-Mex place (real Mexicans) have seen it on menus in the city but apparently never ordered it- so their version is to open a can of spinach and pile it in - no seasonings at all. It's so bad it's almost funny.

      1. Since "mi nidito" is walking distance from our
        neighborhood, we popped into Friday night.
        The vegetarian menu is indeed large. We ordered
        a pure vege entree and a seafood platter.
        Their cooking style is different from many mexican
        places in the city - Spices are held in check.
        Use of lobster in many seafood dishes in the menu.

        Food was average for the prices that they have on
        the menu. Not being a Margarita expert, I cannot
        comment on the 25 odd flavors being good or just plain