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Alain Ducasse

Orik Jun 19, 2000 04:35 PM

Did any of the esteemed readers of this forum (who got on the waiting list) get a reservation date yet, or did everyone just get the "We'll call you again when we start taking reservations" phone call?

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    Aaron RE: Orik Jun 19, 2000 06:44 PM

    They called a few weeks ago and said they would call when they were ready to take reservations. Then, I got a phone call last night that they were ready to give me a reservation. I called today and have a table for a Friday evening in August.

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    1. re: Aaron
      lperper RE: Aaron Aug 21, 2000 03:17 PM

      I'm going there this evening with much trepidation after all of the mediocre reviews. I wonder if it is not good or if it is simply not transporting.

      1. re: lperper
        Dena RE: lperper Aug 22, 2000 01:35 PM

        Well? We're all (well, some of us are) waiting to hear your take on Ducasse. How was it?

        1. re: Dena
          Joyen T. RE: Dena Aug 24, 2000 08:51 AM

          I tried Alain Ducasse's restaurant a little over a month ago. Believe me, it is NOT worth it! The food was good, and service was excellent (as it should be for a high-end restaurant) but the food didn't blow me away. I've had far better food at other places in NYC at 1/3 the price.
          Trust me, you are not missing out.

    2. c
      Chris RE: Orik Jun 21, 2000 01:37 AM

      I'm booked for Monday July 3rd. Never been to the ones abroad so it will be my first time eating his food. I have been on the other side having served Chef Ducasse dinner about a year ago.

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