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Jun 19, 2000 04:35 PM

Alain Ducasse

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Did any of the esteemed readers of this forum (who got on the waiting list) get a reservation date yet, or did everyone just get the "We'll call you again when we start taking reservations" phone call?

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  1. They called a few weeks ago and said they would call when they were ready to take reservations. Then, I got a phone call last night that they were ready to give me a reservation. I called today and have a table for a Friday evening in August.

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    1. re: Aaron

      I'm going there this evening with much trepidation after all of the mediocre reviews. I wonder if it is not good or if it is simply not transporting.

      1. re: lperper

        Well? We're all (well, some of us are) waiting to hear your take on Ducasse. How was it?

        1. re: Dena

          I tried Alain Ducasse's restaurant a little over a month ago. Believe me, it is NOT worth it! The food was good, and service was excellent (as it should be for a high-end restaurant) but the food didn't blow me away. I've had far better food at other places in NYC at 1/3 the price.
          Trust me, you are not missing out.

    2. I'm booked for Monday July 3rd. Never been to the ones abroad so it will be my first time eating his food. I have been on the other side having served Chef Ducasse dinner about a year ago.