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Jun 17, 2000 03:35 PM

Where do we eat? Please Help.

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We are coming to New York in November for the first time ever. We are staying for four nights in the Upper East side of Manhattan. We can't wait.
Our problem is that we don't know where to eat in the evenings. We are looking for somewhere nice but reasonably priced.


Dave & Annette

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  1. Yours is too broad a request! Everyone here can send you to a host of restaurants in the city. What do you like and what do you consider reasonable?
    That being said, if you are going to remain on the UES I would recommend ETATS-UNIS

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    1. re: Chris
      Jessica Shatan

      What is Etas Unis?
      And yes, narrow your request a bit: where on the UES? How much you want to spend, types of food, etc.

    2. I am a huge fan of Luca, which is on first ave. between 88th and 89th. Excellent Italian food with reasonable prices in a nice, casual setting, with outdoor dining if desired.

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        Better than Luca, right across the street - La Foret. Yes, my friends own it - I must disclose - but it is truly an excellent French bistro and has equally fabulous pricing. The interior is small, wood and brass railed mirror seating about 35. The chef-partner, Vladimir, worked for Bouley for a long time (Bouley actually kept him on salary after he closed his name restaurant to work on recipes, etc. for the opening of the Russian Tea Room and to be his right hand man when RTR went into operation however, my friend got tired of waiting around for that to happen - good thing he didn't wait!) as well as did time at Vong and Les Bernardins and a few others I don't remember. Really, it is delicious delicious and my husband and I are embarassed at how often we end up there just because we can't find many places for the price that we like equally as much or even half as much. sample meal - last night I had an arugula salad with marinated fennel and orange with a perfect balsamic vinegar olive oil dressing, sesame crusted salmon medium rare with a sweet pea reduction (half plate) and mushroom reduction (half plate) on a bed of mushrooms and stringbean ragout. My husband had their filet mignon (it's a special and I have yet to have a better filet mignon at any steakhouse in the city or beyond) on a bed of sauteed spinach and pine nuts with a side of belgian fries and a mayonanaise capichon(?) dipping sauce. Filet is well-sized and thick they must make practically no profit on it because the quality of the meat is so good! To start he had their mushroom risotto with an aged balsamic vinegar and they give everyone little starters such as the little potato pancakes with fresh herbs and shrimp we had last night or salmon salad tartar on bruschetta type bread. The wine list is small but equally reasonable in price and well-chosen. The desserts are great - standards that are really well-prepared - chocolate mousse, excellent vanilla bean packed apple tart with vanilla icecream, yummy yummy yummy creme brulee, etc. - They have gotten pretty great reviews in NY Times, New York Magazine, Timeout, etc. etc. All entrees are between 14-20 and appetizers under 10. desserts around 6. It is also a real NY restaurant in that it's two Soviet immigrants (one Ukrainian one russian)cooking french. They came to the US as a medical student and auto mechanic, one went to waitering school the other to NY Restaurant School amd they worked their way up as a chef and server in NY kitchens - scraped together their money and have now been in business succesfully for two years - creating their American Dream! - Bon appetit!

        1. re: rebeccahodgson

          I have eaten several times at La Foret across the street from Luca and it is quite good. Nevertheless, the menu is quite small and although a completely different food type (french bistro v. italian), it does not hold a candle to Luca in my opinion for an overall dining experience.

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            I would argue this point with you but in light of my connection to the owners i think i've said all i can

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        David PR Bailin

        Try Pascalou on Madison at 92ND ST (1308 MADISON). 534 7522