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Jun 16, 2000 11:38 AM

The Post House

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I went to the Post House recently after asking for some recommendations on this board. My table had 3 NY sirloin steaks (recommended by our waiter over the regular sirloin) and a porterhouse, which was also on the specials menu. All were excellent, though I can only speak personally on the sirloin that I ordered. If you have a big appetite, you should go for the porterhouse which was huge.The creamed spinach (again, not on the regular menu) was good, but there was a small portion. Not so with the excellent potatoes with Monterey jack and hash browns. I thought the chocolate cake was a bit of chocolate overkill, but I was pretty full at that point. The service was good. Overall, I would rate this my 3rd favorite steakhouse behind the obvious number 1 , Peter Luger and Sparks. Keens is another good place and I've had mixed results at the Palm and Smith and Wollensky . I've heard differing reviews on Ben Benson's, but I'm going there next.

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    David Jacobson

    Try the Cajun Steak and the Veal Chop next time