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Jun 15, 2000 02:55 PM

Sandwiches Overwhelmed by Bread

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Chowhounds: Please yea or nay the following statement:

"Too many pre-made store and restaurant sandwiches suffocate their ingredients by surrounding them with thick, often tasteless, wads of mouth-stretching breads; ie, foccaccia, ciobatta, etc."

Am I alone in yearning for a sandwich highlighted by its ingredients--not its wrapper?

And, yes! I do often use my imagination and make my own sandwiches--with rye, etc. And, of course, I wait in lines to custom-order. And I HAVE tried wraps (tho I don't particularly love them.) But I do wish the store-bought stuff was more imaginative (so little variety) and not so focused on heavy bread.

Opinions from other sandwich eaters would be much appreciated.

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  1. I don't buy sandwiches out enough to make specific comments, but on your conceptual point, I agree and disagree. A sandwich with a lot of bread is a more moderate meal than the old fashioned, obscene NY overstuffed sandwich with two tiny pieces of bread and enough meat to feed a family. But its better if the ingredients are in proportion - neither the bread nor the filling should overwhelm the other, and the package as a whole should be thin enough to enter the mouth. Alas, this is a marketing thing - people are buying with their eyes, and in that kind of world, bigger and fatter sells more, and just about no one sells sandwiches like our mothers used to make (sizewise) Why not make your own sandwich at home - youll get better ingredients and portion control.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Thanks for your comment. You're so right--bigger is better to so many people. I still enjoy a good, reasonable-sized chicken salad on rye, eg--and get so outraged at those overstuffed, exorbitant sandwiches that challenge you to go up one dress size, after completing them!

      Our company cafeteria, in response to a survey here, now sells HALF a sandwich.

      Your're right about our mothers' perfectly sized sandwiches. (Plus--they came with an Oreo!)

      More and more, I put together my own favorite bread, my own favorite ingredients and get creative.

      1. re: Lynn

        A big "YES!!!" to you, Lynn!!! I agree that sands shouldn't be dominated by the bread. Re chick. sal. sands: The Roosevelt Island coffee shop has an ok one. I eat it all the time -- sometimes 8 times a day. Come on down!!! Re sands like mom used to make: Speak for yourself! You were one of the lucky few!! My dad used to make my lunch, since my mom was such a busy working girl. I fondly remember the cold BLTs he stuck me with, even though they somehow became my favorite. One time in sixth grade, my lunch got mixed up with Barbra Weinberger's, so i saw her ham sand w. butter and said, "Yuck!", and she saw my cold BLT and said, "Yuck!". We finally figured it out and got the right lunch, but i am not exaggerating when i say it was a most traumatic experience.