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Jun 15, 2000 11:48 AM

sushi samba

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Has anyone ever eaten at Sushi Samba? The name sounds gimmicky but I was wondering if it was fun and what the quality of sushi was like.


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  1. I work in the area and ate there for lunch recently. The sushi was very good, but the service was awful. When we asked questions about the menu, the waiter was clueless. And then it took about 45 minutes for the food to arrive. I went there several months ago, so maybe they have gotten their act together by now.

    1. I had the same experience as Valerie about 3 weeks ago. The Sushi is tremendous and even got a nice write up on Edificerex. But the service is deplorable.Mainly because they under, under staff. Do not go if you only have a lunch "hour"

      1. I also agree with the other postings. I had some good sushi there, but the service was awful. I had dinner there and they were just overwhelmed and confused. Some of our food took so long in coming that we canceleld it rather than spend all night waiting for out last few dishes. It was a good thing that we shared what we did get...

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          so, guys, what was the food like? was there anything distinctive about it?

          1. re: jen kalb
            Jeremy Osner

            I was there last night for a friend's bachelor party and enjoyed all the food. Particularly I thought the "churrasco" platter -- slices of steak slathered with mojo and topped with shrimp -- was pretty sublime. A good restaurant for a party, but I would not go there to eat dinner otherwise -- too noisy and crowded.

            1. re: Jeremy Osner
              Jason "klinqon bachelor party" Perlow

              Apparently one of the more bizarre things they serve at Sushi Samba is a lobster tail sashimi appetizer that consists of a live lobster that only seconds before gets its head whacked off by a cleaver. The tail is still -moving- when they serve it to you.

              They also have a dish that consists of creepy-looking deep-fried whole, itty bitty crabs, kinda like hermit crabs but without any protective armor. Not breaded or anything, just crabs.

              Definitely the kind of place you would wannna bring Lieutennant Worf or General Klaarg to for their bachelor party.

              1. re: Jason "klinqon bachelor party" Perlow

                OOOhhh! If those crabs are red-orange when cooked and about the size of a 50 cent piece, they may be the ones Andy was talking about in Japan and the ones a few people around here including myself are really craving...Thanks for the tip!

                1. re: Maria Eng
                  Rachel Perlow

                  I guess the TVFN is still good for something cause we heard about this place and its offering on (I think) "Extreme Cuisine". Someone on chowhound was complaining about the dirth of cooking shows in the new programing on the Food Network. However, its not called the "Cooking Network" and even the "lifestyle" and "tourism" type shows still include interesting if not always useful food information.

                  1. re: Maria Eng

                    Maria- They are just that and I had them this past weekend. They are in a bowl on the counter creeping along one minute and in your mouth the next (after being deep fried). Yes, the size of a quarter and called takaniku, I think, or something like that. The legs are just crunchy but the body spurts into your mouth and is creamy and chewy. The plate comes with 6 of them surrounding a wedge of lemon. It is a little creepy looking but very tasty.

                    Also, Sushi Samba is opening a second location on Seventh Avenue in the Village in the spot where Time Cafe was.

          2. I gotta throw in ANOTHER voice about the crappy service at Sushi Samba; it's the ol' trap where they hired beautiful &/or trendy servers who only know what they've been trained to recite (and you'll have better luck getting what you need from the good bus staff).

            The FOOD however, is surprsingly good, and not very gimmicky. Make a meal of some bright-eyed kid--oops, I mean, make a meal of some cooked appetizers and yakitori-like skewers, an assortment of the wonderful ceviches (Chicama my ass) and a smattering of sushi (don't try ordering sashimi or otherwise off-menu, as you might at any other sushi restaurant, though). There's occasionally some interesting fish specials, and the whole baby crabs are fun & delicious.