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Jun 14, 2000 02:48 PM

sandbox for sandwiches

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I'm sure many of you know about this place, but i didn't, so this is for the other uninformed. Sandbox (the sandwiches are in little plastic boxes -- get it?)
is a take-out place bet. W. 56 & 57 St. near 6th Ave. (right near the subway stop). All sandwiches are half-price after 5:00. There are some interesting choices like brie w. pears and sprouty vegetarian things, as well as classics like BLT. The turkey w. bacon was very tastebud-friendly and paying $3.25 (i think), instead of $6.50, made my wallet very happy. If you go, please leave one of these for me. Thanks!!

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  1. This is a riot!! I love the turkey and bacon sandwiches at the Sandbox--and at this very moment, have one in my work fridge to take home for dinner. And if I HADN'T seen your message--I may well have left in 15 minutes and forgotten to take it with me!!

    So thanks for helping me remember my dinner!

    (Everything I've tried there is tasty. And it's nice to be able to get sandwiches that aren't suffocated in that thick focaccia bread.)

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    1. re: Lynn

      There's another Sandbox on Madison between 40 and 41 streets. I agree the combos are interesting (don't always works but they are creative). The 5 pm thing is terrific, although sometimes things can get pretty soggy. It's a great idea to do this, though. At least we know the next day's stuff is totally fresh. I do wonder sometimes about certain other sandwich places.

      1. re: phyllis

        I had the brie and pear sandwich the other day and it was so soggy it was inedible-This was at lunch time, by the way.

        1. re: Starklinq

          other location - 6th & 51st.
          also - 1.00 cappucinos; cafe au lait, etc. (sp?)

          all day I think.

          great nicoise salad with three (usually) decent slivers of seared tuna - raw in the middle, string beans, new potatos, mixed greens, - 7.95


          Bacon spinach and blue cheese slad - 6.95 or something

          hit and misses, but most of the hits are triples....