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Jun 13, 2000 08:48 PM


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did not get a response to my BEST boardpost so I'll try this board: where is the bestchallah baked, in or out of Manhattan??

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  1. I can't necessarily say it is the best challah, but the West Side Market (Broadway and 77th) has good challah.

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    1. re: Alex

      Montreal has great bagels - I bet they have great challah too

    2. I love the challah sold at the farmer's market on Greenwich St. off Chambers on Saturdays. It's made by Tribeca Ovens and I think....they sell their terrific breads at Zabars. They do a plain challah and one with a sort of coffee-cake topping. Plus a really great rye, raisin-pumpernickel rolls...oh, I have to wait to Saturday...

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      1. re: Liza

        "They do a plain challah and one with a sort of coffee-cake topping."

        I'm of the opinion that no one makes a great challah with a coffee-cake topping. It may be a great loaf of whatever it is, but imho, it stops being a challah. For those willing to stray a little bit from the traditional however, I suggest the brioche loaf at Ceci-Cela on Spring, east of Layfayette.

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          Or the brioche at Marquet - 12th Street (Village) or Smith Street (Brooklyn). Better than any challah I have ever had, but not for those who fear butter.

          1. re: jen kalb

            And, let's not forget that miserable ogre, Claude on West 4th Street. I don't like the man but he does make perhaps the best brioche in NY.

      2. The best challah is baked at Rockland Bakery in Nanuet, New York. The challah is sweet and so soft and fresh. Rockland Bakery supplies various local bakeries and restaurants in Rockland County.

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        1. re: Renee

          Amen to the Rockland Bakery. I was initiated a few weeks ago, visiting just before going to a cook out. We purchased a few of the smaller challah "rolls," and stood in the parking lot tearing into it, barely speaking or making eye contact with one another.

          And when it was all over, we went back for more.

          1. re: Maria

            Do they sell t-shirts?

            1. re: cinnamon

              No t-shirts that I'm aware of.

          2. re: Renee

            And if you go at the right time of night you can wander around to the back of your bakery and take the bread you want right off the cooling racks. My husband introduced me to this wonderful late night event!

          3. I don't know where the best is, either, but i CAN tell you where one of the worst is: Hot 'N' Crusty (at least the one on Second Ave. around E. 63/64 St.). I don't care if it's half-price after 7 pm. It's white (signifying lack of eggs), sliced too thin, and just not very good. You could get a challah recipe at and bake your own -- the more eggs, the merrier. *** Also, can a Greek bread expert out there tell me what the challah-wannabe in coffee shop bread baskets is? It's very nice and tastes almost the same. I must know!!

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              Barry Strugatz

              I think the best challah is at B&H Dairy on 2nd Ave, between 7th St and St Marks Place.