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Jun 13, 2000 11:48 AM

Shelley's New York?

  • j

I am planning on bringing the family to Shelley's New York (on 57th street between 6th and 7th aves.) for Father's Day, after having seen it in a list of suggested restaurants on the CitySearch website. But this is the first I've heard of the place. It sounds interesting, but I'm worried it's just another one of those 57th street theme restaurants. Is it? I've always avoided all of them like the plague, but Shelley's sounded more promising. Is it going to be a circus, or is it a quality place? Thanks for any opinions!


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  1. j
    Jessica Shatan

    Arthur Schwartz on the radio show "Food Talk" as spoken very highly about Shelly's of NY. NOT a theme restaurant, Arthur hates those. It's this guy Shelly Fireman who also has the restaurant "Fireman's of Brooklyn" on the E. side of Manhattan, which has a lot of seafood and has been getting a good reaction from folks.
    Give us a report back and double-check this board for any info.
    Have fun!

    1. Shelly's is NOT a theme restaurant. It's a delicious sea food place (I've been there twice in the past month,) with an impeccable raw bar and a huge variety of wonderfully prepared hot appetizers and main courses. They obviously care about their "catch"--and if you go back to my May 26th post, you'll see my rave about Shelly's--and the particulars of my first visit.

      This is one of the few restaurants to open on 57th Street that doesn't nauseate me with it's need to be "cute." The servers are exceedingly polite and eager to help. Do sit inside--not too close to the 57th Street open doors, where the rumbling, oily traffic will destroy any conversation--and appetite. Towards the rear, you can enjoy a Paris"ish" bistro environment with a lot of comfy booths (good for a family outing.)

      Shelly's truly seems to celebrate shellfish--and I do hope you enjoy your own family celebration, too.