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Jun 10, 2000 04:00 PM

turkey burger

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any recommendations for Manhattan??

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  1. The turkey burgers at Old Town Bar & Restaurant on E. 18th street (between Park Ave S. & Broadway) are particularly good. The fries are just ok.

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    1. re: Aaron
      Harry Colbert

      Tried one at Pauls, 2nd Ave between 7/8th.

      Major mistake. What r they using for the "turkey" component to the sandwich??? Slippery, slimy, indigestible.

      Required 24 hrs of bed rest to recover plus mega doses of Maalox.

      Jackson Hole while not the definitve burger, is a winner by comparison.

      Would suggest that God never intended turkey for burgers.

    2. Paul's Palace. An East Village stand-out. 2d ave. at 7th Street (west side of 2d). The best.

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      1. re: Dan-o

        Paul's is great for turkey AND regular burgers too - funnily enough I don't hear many raves about this place. For seven years I lived in a three block radius and satisfied my bi-monthly red meat craving almost exclusively there. Now, when I want a really good burger I still trek there. Does anyone else have an opinon on this place? I love their burgers - loose and huge and properly, not overly, greasy - with mushrooms and swiss - ona fresh delicious sopping bun - YUM YUM YUM.

        1. re: rebecahodgson

          I used to eat at Paul's alot when I lived in the area. My favorite thing to get there is the tuna melt. Paul makes the tuna fresh right in front of you. I get it with swiss, on rye with fried onions and jalapenos. My mouth is watering now, I really want one!

      2. Had a good one once at Nick's (but not the one on Bway - the other location - 70th st?).