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Jun 8, 2000 05:15 PM

drinks nr Madison Sq Park

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Can anyone recommend a place that would be good for festive drinks and then a good dinner for a group of 8-10in the FLATIRON/Park Ave. South area ? Chicama? I Trulli? Im not a "drinks" person, so any advice would be welcome.

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  1. I'd say Tabla (really excellent drinks that are really expensive) or Chicama. Sushi Samba also have good "drinks" but 10 people would be way too many for them...not really much of a "drinks" person myself so there may be more I'm missing.

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      Try Chicama for festive drinks. Seviche's are good as well. FUN place!

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        The Bread Bar at Tabla would be my first choice. They make this "Masala Mary," a homage to the bloody mary, but with Indian spices replacing worcester sauce and tabasco and a pickled onion instead of the traditional celery stalk -the best variation I've ever had. They do all sorts of other house drinks that match the successful fusion of its cuisine. I've only eaten upstairs (superb), but I hear the eats at the downstairs Bread Bar are very good, and a bit less expensive.

      2. Try Follonico on 24th, just off 5th. I think it could handle 10 people. It is a very relaxed place with good food.