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Jun 8, 2000 01:28 PM

West 60's/70's/80's

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We are looking for upper west side restaurants that serve interesting, good food at non-horrendous prices.
We like: vegetarian, asian, middle eastern.
Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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  1. Off the top of my head

    Jin Dae Lee - Korean - 84th and Amst.

    Cafe Con Leche - Cuban etc. - 80th and Amst.

    Flor de Mayo - Comidas Chinas y Criollas - 82nd and Amst.

    Roppongi - Japanese - 83rd and Amst.

    Indian Cafe - duh - 83rd (I think) btwn Bway and Amst.

    There's a Thai place on Bway and 81st or so that's good, I forget the name, and it's a little pricey

    None of the above are "best in Manhattan" candidates, by any means, but if you want the UWS, there it is.

    1. If you put UWS or Upper West Side into the search engine on the home page you will find a ton of recommendations for this area. Try Lincoln Center too, if you want the 60s.

      1. I really like Josie's (Amsterdam between 74th and 75th). They serve crazy fusion-health-food type dishes, which are very good. The prices are OK -- not super-cheap, but not expensive either.