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West 60's/70's/80's

Susan Jun 8, 2000 01:28 PM

We are looking for upper west side restaurants that serve interesting, good food at non-horrendous prices.
We like: vegetarian, asian, middle eastern.
Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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  1. p
    Peter RE: Susan Jun 8, 2000 01:58 PM

    Off the top of my head

    Jin Dae Lee - Korean - 84th and Amst.

    Cafe Con Leche - Cuban etc. - 80th and Amst.

    Flor de Mayo - Comidas Chinas y Criollas - 82nd and Amst.

    Roppongi - Japanese - 83rd and Amst.

    Indian Cafe - duh - 83rd (I think) btwn Bway and Amst.

    There's a Thai place on Bway and 81st or so that's good, I forget the name, and it's a little pricey

    None of the above are "best in Manhattan" candidates, by any means, but if you want the UWS, there it is.

    1. j
      jen kalb RE: Susan Jun 8, 2000 03:44 PM

      If you put UWS or Upper West Side into the search engine on the home page you will find a ton of recommendations for this area. Try Lincoln Center too, if you want the 60s.

      1. s
        Shani RE: Susan Jun 15, 2000 04:25 PM

        I really like Josie's (Amsterdam between 74th and 75th). They serve crazy fusion-health-food type dishes, which are very good. The prices are OK -- not super-cheap, but not expensive either.

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