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Jun 6, 2000 11:25 AM

Sicilian restaurants

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I just returned from a vacation in Sicily and was wondering if anyone knew of restaurants in New York City that specialize in Sicilian food.

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  1. As a start for you, Ferdinando's Foccacceria on Union Street in Carroll Gardens/Red Hook. Great panelle, rice balls, seafood salads, fried calamari and hot sauce (at least sometimes) and atmosphere. I personally can't stomach the spleen sandwich (the bread and sauce are great though) but it has its partisans. And when you are finished check into Latticini Barese - not Sicilian but great - across the street - enter through the swinging bead curtain and buy great mozzarella and other stuff (the extremely small selection of cooked items made right there are good.

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      Bondi's between 5th and 6th on 22d (but may be 20th) on good days does serve some very good Sicilian dishes. But, the best thing to do when returning from Italy is not to have Italian food for at least a month. :-)

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        I am looking for Sicilian restaurants, Manhattan only. I am aware of only Bondi and Carino's uptown. Suggestions, please.

        Thank you