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Jun 6, 2000 07:38 AM

Grammercy Tavern

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My wife and I will be celebrating our anniversary at Grammercy Tavern next Monday. Any recent and amazing meals?


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  1. Must get a cheese plate and ask the server to pair your choices with wines.

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    1. re: Jo
      Adam Stephanides

      I second the cheese plate, especially one cheese called something like Port Robert. I'm not normally a big cheese fan, but this was incredibly creamy and delicious.

      Also, I had the spring tasting menu. Almost everything was very good, but I was particularly impressed by the chilled foie gras (no fancy preparation, just superb foie gras) and the roasted (I think) turbot (and I'm not normally a big fish fan either).

      My only disappointment was the dessert tasting plate, which was underwhelming--surprisingly so, since I have a pronounced sweet tooth and the pastry chef at GT is celebrated. Interestingly, I had the same experience at Jean-Georges: an excellent meal followed by a disappointing dessert tasting. I wonder if the need to produce tiny portions cramps a pastry chef's style. (Incidentally, the problem wasn't that I was too full to eat any more.)


      1. re: Adam Stephanides
        charlie agro

        I had a tequila martini that i believe was called a kafir tequila martini, i would love to know what was in it.