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Jun 5, 2000 04:47 PM

Park Avenue Retail Market

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Does the Park Avenue Retail Market still exist? Is it still as cool a place as I remember? Thirty Five years ago I worked for an egg and cheese wholesaler in the East Village who had a booth there.

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  1. I can't imagine someone selling eggs on Park Avenue! Where was (I assume it's long gone) this? Can you describe it a bit?

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      Memory isn't what it was, so please forgive any inaccuracies. Somewhere uptown, (112th St? 96th St?) the (subway? NYNHHRR? NYCRR?) came out of the ground and ran elevated. The area under the elevated was enclosed for (3? 5? 7?) blocks, and the resulting large "room" divided into booths.

      There were sellers of every kind of food imaginable, produce, meat, prepared, dairy, you name it.

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        Jessica Shatan

        This is sounding like Bridge Market where the Terence Conran store is, no? Help me out here. Only it's not THAT far uptown.

    2. Is this the market up at about 106th Street or north of there and under the RR tracks - La Marketa? If so, it's about as dead as can be. The last time we were there in search of Latino food supplies, there were but a few lonely vendors and it was all but deserted. I recall a time when it was flourishing and all sorts of fresh foods and strange fish were available. It was a colorful place then, but that was years ago.

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        Sounds like it, bux. There can't be two places like that near there. Sad to hear it's gone downhill so far. I'm glad to know, though. I only get back to the city once every five years or so, and I'd hate to plan a special trip up there just to be disappointed. Thanks for the update.