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Jun 4, 2000 02:23 AM

real seltzer

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is seltzer in old fashioned siphon bottlesstill available??Mark GrossmanKingly@GTE.Net

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  1. Yes....I recently saw a truck delivering some up here in Westchester...I asked the driver and he said they were from Rockland county....
    Don't know what else to tell you and ye shall find.
    Good luck

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    1. re: Michael

      I've also seen it being delivered to my building in Manhattan. So I know it's there.

      Good luck.

    2. My folks have been getting selzter delivered for years--i grew up with siphon seltzer: how anachronistic in the 70s & 80s!

      Here's the info: castle selzter 1-888-797-4667 (it may be Manhattan only)

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      1. re: marion
        Dave Feldman

        As if on cue, I saw Castle Seltzer deliver a case of ten siphon-bottle seltzers to a Manhattan apartment. The toll-free # is (888) 797-4667