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Jun 1, 2000 04:51 PM

Italian Food:Venetian?

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Anybody know of any places in the the city that serve Venetian cuisine? would especially like some Chicetti.
Any help is appreciated!

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  1. s
    Steven Stern

    Not in Manhattan, but at least claiming to be Venetian is al di la, on 5th Ave, in Park Slope. A little while back I had a cicchetti plate that was offered as an appetizer special(not on the regular menu, I think)--grilled sardines, cuttlefish in ink, bacalao, and something else I can't remember. Everything was great, though it was considerably more expensive than anything else on the (incredibly reasonable) menu. There's an inexpensive Arneis served by the glass that was perfect with it.

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    1. re: Steven Stern
      stephen kaye

      al di la is fine indeed. in nyc, try bar cicchetti 220 houston I believe. food not a good as al di la, but they do serve ok ciccchetti. across the street from s.o.b.'s

    2. j
      Josh Mittleman

      I believe there have been earlier postings about Venetian cuisine in NY. Search for Piccolo Venezia.

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        I have also heard recently about a place in Chelsea (like at 22nd and 7th?) that bills itself as venetian - I think it might have been on the Times Weekend dining map of italian regional places a Friday or two ago.