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May 26, 2000 02:22 PM

Next meeting of Serial Diners of NY (formerly NY Serial Diners)

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The next meeting of the Serial Diners of NY (SDNY -- "Sidney") will be on Sunday, June 4, at 2 pm. We will be hooking up outside the candy store (Gem's Spa) on the SW corner of St. Marks Place & Second Ave. Then, surrounded by 5,000 places to eat, we will select a restaurant. Once there, we will sit down (alphabetically), enjoy our free glasses of water, and order (also alphabetically). We will discuss whether we are for real or not. (We are). We will have a great time. Be there or i will be extremely embarrassed (again).

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  1. I think this may not be the way to go about it cinnamon. You'll probably end up being the only one there (again) and the picture of Simone across the street will smirk at you... :-)

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    1. re: Orik

      How should she go about it?

      1. re: judith

        Well, it's been my experiece that there is a huge gap between getting people to attend a meeting of a group that already exists and getting them to be the founders, especially when there is a lot of uncertainty (e.g. where they will go and eat). To get such a group going, there needs to be more than one person willing to take the plunge (and commited to it to an extent). What I would do is look for some people who are willing to meet for a start up dinner (say at "cafe aardvark"), preferably contact them by phone and get this thing going.

        Of course, I may turn out to be all wrong and the east village will get swamped (alphabetically) by hungry sdny's...


        1. re: Orik

          Ok. As i've mentioned elsewhere here, this IS already a group (in Toronto & a few other places). It's just it's not a group here yet. Thanks for your sugg., Orik, but i'm gonna stick with the 6-4 meeting time. I was just over there. Oh, the choices we'll have to make: should we start with B & H Dairy or Cinderella Falafel? Khyber Pass or Burritoville? No one said it would be easy... ps -- slight error in meeting place name -- it's "Gem Spa", not "Gem's" -- mea culpa.

          1. re: cinnamon/SDNY

            There's supposed to be a food festival in the E Village on Saturday between 12 and 3 on 8th St between Ave A and 1st Ave Saturday--why don't you make the meeting then?

              1. re: Micki

                Why? B-ville brings back bad memories for me, since my sister once had a too-hot salsa crisis there. As a meeting place, ok, but that's all.