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May 26, 2000 10:07 AM

Avenue (Columbus & 85th)

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I read one good review of Avenue in Chowhound. Thinking of taking my mom, sister and brother-in-law there. We usually go down to Chelsea to eat because we have not found good mid-to-expensive restaurants on the UWS. They are fond of French food, too. Has anyone been to Avenue recently? Did you like it? Thanks in advance for your input.

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  1. Avenue is one of my favorites for dinner and for weekend breakfast/brunch. The food is really great. I never seem to have to make a reservation and can still get a table. The people who work there are very friendly. My only complaint is that the tables are a little too close for comfort and the place gets extremely loud. The energy is very high.

    1. Can't comment on Avenue, but if you want a terrific UWS restaurant, check out my husband's place, La Grolla, at 413 Amsterdam (at 80th Street). The food is really outstanding -- not French -- but from the Val d'Ostan region of Italy and very authentic and friendly. Give it a try!! You can check out the review in the NY Times, where Mr. Grimes gave it one star.

      1. I'm very fond of Avenue.

        Scott Campbell makes a great crab cake. His devils on horseback (scallops wrapped in bacon) are also terrific. And, his fried calamari is tender and completely greaseless.

        As entrees, roasted duck is always a safe bet and his lamb shank is also very good. On a more seasonal note, his fish dishes are also very reliable. Of course, the steak frites is quite good, as well.

        Bon appetit.