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May 25, 2000 03:13 PM


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I find myself counting how many times I'm posting!
Nevertheless, has anyone tried Peasant, a newish place that was reviewed in New York Mag. a few issues back?
Thanks as usual. pat

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  1. No--where is it--and what does it serve? I usually try to comb all the reviews--but I definitely missed this one.

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    1. re: Lynn

      It seems to me it's in the East Village. The guy who reviewed it said he was hesitant about putting his impressions in print because it was one of those places he'd like to keep "his secret". Very intriguing, "peasant-type" food from some country I can't recall. Surely the information operator would have a listing since it's probably too new to be in the phone book. Sorry don't remember anything more. It's another place that I thought I'd like to put on my next trip list. pat

      1. re: pat hammond

        Just curious, is this the Peasant on Elizabeth Street?

        1. re: C. Lewis

          Yes, I believe it is. It's newish.p.

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      It's on my list too. Here's the Sidewalk url - it's in Soho(too bad). That post counting has to stop! Exactly me fears come true.


      1. I find the name of this restaurant annoying, especially when it charges $20+ for entrees. It shouts out: "Let's slum. But we accept Amex."

        Is it unfair to be turned off by the name of a restaurant? Not that a name would keep me from going to Peasant if some folks I trusted recommended it.

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        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Hi Dave: Yeah, it's probably a tad unfair to be turned off by a restaurant's name. But, hey, it's a free country. Personally, I wouldn't care if it was called Alpo, so long as the food is worth what you pay in terms of enjoyment. If I want fine food to be affordable I cook it myself. pat

        2. We went about a month ago, around the time that review showed up in New York magazine.

          We didn't try any of the recommended dishes, but the food was very nice. A sea bass I ordered came grilled ... with nothing but maybe salt added to it. On the side was olive oil. I actually found it very refreshing, but some people may want/expect elaborate seasoning.

          The osso bucco my partner ordered was very tender but extremely large and filling. Our appetizer choices were unexciting (a mozzarella for him and a goat cheese salad for me), but they were very very good.

          We passed on the desserts, but the wine list had some interesting choices -- mostly, if not all, Italian vintages.

          Because of the spare, metal-inclined decor, the noise is deafening. (We showed up at 7pm on a Saturday evening, and it didn't fill up for another hour.)

          I think altogether it was a nice place, but not quite the neighborhood or nip-out-on-impulse restaurant that NY mag described. Especially not with those prices nor with the trendy crowd filtering in over the weekend.