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May 24, 2000 07:54 PM

First SDNY meeting

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I know everyone is on the edge of their seats wondering what happened at the first Serial Diners meeting. This is what happened: nothing. Yes, that's right. As far as i could tell, no one showed up but me. I even asked one person who had a waiting kind of look if she was from Chowhound. She wasn't. I left at 6:30, determined to have some sort of Chow/SDNY experience. My first thought was to alphabetize the rest.s on the first block that had any, alpha. each menu, and order something cheap at each place. The first block had Happy Taco, Makitori (?), Pasta Italia, and Papaya World (which doesn't really count as a rest. & was therefore eliminated). I skipped Makitori, did the same with Happy Taco after studying the menu (ok -- i got a Pepsi), and ended up at Pasta Italia, a 4-seat joint, with an ok, but doughy, pizza. Then i came here to tell you what happened. Our next meeting is coming up sometime in June and i expect a few of y'all to show next time!! :) ps -- Here's the website for the orig. Toronto SD: --- Check 'em out! They really exist!

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  1. If I didn't have anonymity concerns (and thus don't do meeting/greeting), I'd have gladly come along, capriciously alphabetical or not. Sorry it didn't work out. I sympathize, having myself thrown many unattended parties (both literal and metaphorical).

    I hope the success of the big party that is this site serves as encouragment to never let your enthusiasm flag or your quirks diminish.


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      Neither no-shows nor tired feet nor over-priced restaurants nor waiters who failed the Math Regents shall stay this loyal chowhound/serial diner from her appointed rounds. *** Thanks for your encouragement, Jim!