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May 24, 2000 01:40 PM

Quail eggs, tobiko, caviar

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Does anyone know if it is hazardous to eat these while pregnant. My Dr. told me no sushi, but didn't have an answer for quail eggs, tobiko, or caviar. Anyone out there have a definitive answer?

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  1. I was told that any uncooked protein (that means all of the above) is dangerous.

    What about smoked salmon?? That's not really cooked, but maybe smoking it kills the parasites/bacteria?

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    1. re: Kendra

      Hi Kendra -
      I was told that smoked fish was ok. BUT -- I've frequently hear on the news of smoked salmon recalls for listeria. SO - I'm trying to avoid it too. I'll just have to hold off on all of my favorite things for another 5 months :(.
      Thanks for the response!

      1. re: Micki

        My wife's OB/GYN said no smoked fish during pregnancy, but I don't remember the reason. (The result of that pregnancy is a 3 1/2 year old boy)

        1. re: Peter

          No raw meat (or fish)--toxoplasmosis is only one of many risks. I was told to avoid smoked foods, as well. (Why? With my few remaining brain cells, I seem to remember a possible relationship between smoked foods and birth defects.)

          1. re: Sharon A

            I think a good rule of thumb is always to err on the side of caution; not much of a sacrifice when you consider the outcome. Happy pregnancy! pat

            1. re: pat hammond

              Thanks - I can't agree more. I'll just suffer for a bit more. When our 1st baby was born we celebrated with champagne and caviar the very next morning. I'll plan on waiting til then again. I was hoping to hear something "new" but it's best to play it safe.