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May 24, 2000 10:13 AM


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Need a place to eat in the theater district of New York City. We will be 17 people 8 adults and 9 children( 2 six year olds, 2 eight, 3 ten, and 2 13year olds). This is a celebration of a 70th vbirthday. It is for diner after a show. Need something that will satisfy all. Good food for adults and a chldrens menu or food that kids will enjoy. Any suggestions. Thanks

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  1. With that number of children and the size of your crowd, if haute cuisine isn't a requirement consider the outpost of John's Pizza in the mid 40's just east of 8th Avenue. The setting is an old church building with vaulted ceilings and a remarkable mural of the New York region. The atmosphere is not at all "pizza joint". It's not grand dining, but the kids can run around, everyone can relax, and the food is fine.

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      Jessica Shatan

      I 2nd Johns........I was delighted with the surroundings, really a beautiful job. The food is good, service very nice, and definitly not just some pizza joint. We started with good salads, then split pizzas and had wine. Very open and airy with space around the tables and, yes, room for kids to run around a little. Not an icky suburban feel either (sometimes those big places feel so suburban dining like TGIF or something).

      RE: Ruby Foo's: I hear they are very bad with reservations causing people to wait anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes. I would only go with adults who didn't mind having a drink at the bar while we waited half an hour for our table.

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        I would second the warning about Ruby Foo's. On my one and only visit we had to wait 20 minutes or so for our reservation (9pm on a Wednesday), and the food is definitely not worth the hassle. Plus, it doesn't strike me as good for kids. It's a total madhouse, and we were squeezed in between tables of bottle blonds in pastel twin sets chugging colored drinks and screeching.

    2. I went to Ruby Foo's for a birthday, and I think 80% of the tables were there for the same reason. The space is pretty and the food is good (appetizers and desserts were great), although expensive.