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May 23, 2000 03:24 PM

NY Serial Diners meeting tomorrow!! Last call!!

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Although i have mentioned this sev. x already, i am doing it again Because i want everyone to know about it. Calling all restaurant-loving alphabetizers! Don't you know we'll be meeting at the SW corner of E. 60 St. & Second Ave. at 6 pm? Finally, we'll end up at a nearby rest. (China Fun looks Good). Hopefully, we will meet regularly to eat and drive ourselves crazy doing things like ordering alpha., sitting alpha., and paying alpha. -- sort of dinner and games combined. If this sounds good to you, Join us, won't you?

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  1. j
    Jessica Shatan

    I do not think I will be going to meet y'all for several reasons:
    Not sure that I like the concept.......alphabetical as a way to 'hound. I did once think of all the good restaurants in a 3-block radius from my house and thought I'd break it down sytematically and hit each one in a certain order but it's more of an amusing thought than something I'd do.
    Another reason is I kind of like the anonymity of the boards and not sure that I'd want to break it. I like not knowing people's ages, looks etc., and I kind of like not having others know about me.
    Also I have plans tomorrow (Wed. night).
    The only other Chowhound excursion I have thought of is some deep outer borough excursion with someone (plus a group) who knew their way around, say, Queens. But I would think twice before doing it.

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    1. re: Jessica Shatan

      Wow! I have been mulling over my thoughts - To Go or Not to Go? - and Jessica just summed them all up so succinctly for me! Even that I have other plans I'd have to break! I am sorry cinnamongrill, I like your spirited posts (in their multiplicity!) and want to support your efforts but I'd lose a big element - anonymity - of my enjoyment on these boards thus far. I am deeply tempted as it would be great to meet y'all but I am new enough to this forum that I fear making a decision to break our anonymity before I really know just what i am risking! Have a great time and please give a detailed report (no doubt you will) so we can vicariously (and anonymously!) participate.

      1. re: rebeccahodgson

        Nice to hear from you guys, but, of course, i'm a bit disappointed that those of you who had previously responded aren't attending. I can understand your concern with maintaining your anonymity. By the way, for anyone who doesn't know, SD is a 10-yr.-old Toronto-based group with a few chapters in other cities. I've been thinking about doing this for a few years and here i am, finally doing it. The idea is that it's a fun (dare i say wacky?) way to go out and have fun together. I'll be announcing all future meetings here, so, if you ever change your minds, feel free to join us.

        1. re: cinnamongrill/sdny/nicksip
          Jessica Shatan

          Just to clarify, I had initially responded with inquiries, not to say I would go. I'm a bit miffed that you are now disappointed when I had never commited to anything. Sorry you got your hopes up, but you got them up all by yourself...

          1. re: Jessica Shatan

            Hi again! I realize you were just asking about SDNY and not promising to attend. That's ok. Please don't be miffed!

            1. re: Jessica Shatan

              What a bummer reply to someone who is trying to organize a fun food event. I suspect it does not take much to get you miffed. I am sure the event will be all the better with your absence.

      2. I can't make this one, but am definitely interested in the report. If you plan another, I'd be up for it.

        I like the idea of meeting in person. I've gone on a couple of unusual excursions (to boroughs I wouldn't've otherwised ventured to) organized by previously anonymous folks on line and it was well worth the small risk. Bringing a friend along helps, too.