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May 23, 2000 10:43 AM

Soaked Sweetbreads, etc, at the Ninth Ave Food Festival

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I never got to the Ninth Ave Food Festival--the rain completely discouraged me from any street roaming on Saturday--the day I'd planned to go.

Am just curious--did anyone find the sweetbread stand? And was there anything new and wonderful on offer this year?

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  1. FYI - There's some postings about the fest. down below.

    1. Alas, there wasn't a sweetbread to be found this year at the FF :{ I'm guessing the weather drove away lots of vendors. Even on Sunday there were plenty of open spaces where there should have been food stalls. There was, however, no lack of sock salespeople. It really resembled more of a regular pain-in-the-ass NY weekend street fair than a true food fest.