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May 22, 2000 06:38 PM

cuisine of spain

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Don't know if any of you got to the James Beard society event at the World Financial Center on Thurs & Fri last week; it was pretty cool. It featured the cuisine of Spain & the Mediterranean, and had tapas size portions of many Spanish (and not-so-Spanish) NY restaurants.

Solera, Patria, Sol, Hudson River Club, An American Place, Roys, Verbena, Murray's Cheese Shop, many others all serving small plates of their specialties at $2-$5 per.

A nice way to sample some of the specialties of various places - the cost was a little high for what you got, but overall was pretty well done.

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  1. Marichu near the UN is a good Spanish variant restaurant (Basque, actually). Tapas etc. pretty good.

    El Quijote is among other Manhattan Spanish favorites.

    Any suggestions for other good, relatively authentic, Spanish fare, and in particular good tapas (no shortage of tapas aspirants, but authenticity and cheapness, which was the real appeal of the restaurants we visited in Spain, can be lacking in Manhattan tapas selections)?

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      Oh, Marichu. If anyone's been to the Manhattan branch, please do chime in with a report. I used to go to the one in Bronxville quite a lot, and their baby squid in ink sauce was very tasty. Alas, the Bronxville outpost is no more.