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May 22, 2000 09:02 AM


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Went there Saturday, after reading the review in citysearch. I have nothing to add to their impression of the decor or the menu.

We both started with steak tartares, made of highly flavored beef with most of the traditional garnishes (no Worcestershire sauce or hot sauce though) and the egg was replaced by a quail egg (as a chicken yolk would drown this mini-steak :-) ). This was by all means a very good appetizer ($14).

For main course we took the porterhouse, described by the waiter as big enough to share which it wasn't really. After waiting for about 25 minutes, two plates with delicious home dried tomatos with pesto and blue cheese landed in front of us with the explanation that the steak is taking slightly longer than they expected. That was kind of scary, as we asked for medium rare.

Only a few minutes later did we discover the real reason - the steak arrived, done medium-rare as we had asked, but its center was cold - not at room temperature, but cold as if it was taken directly from the ice box. We returned it and got it back at a more reasonable temperature (I'd rather not know how that happened). Again, as with the tartare, the meat was of very high quality and for a 28oz steak, the price of $45 was reasonable.

Desserts were on the house, to compensate for the steak fiasco - creme brulee and a sabayon were both perfect and could have been served anywhere in France.

All in all, they are obviously new and they do try hard, but it does upset me to get cold steak at a steakhouse. If we'll go back there anytime soon, it'll be for the attached bar that serves superb drinks.


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  1. Went to Dylan's on Saturday, also from seeing it on Citysearch. Can't say I was impressed.

    We ordered the Argentinian fillet mignion in medium, it came out rare. Also it wasn't anything like the description-- it was filled with tendons, fat, and hard to tackle. We also ordered the New York Strip, medium, which came out medium (thank god), and was surprisingly well done.

    From hearing the raves about the side dishes (assessories) I was really expecting generous portions. Imagine my disappointment when our braised vegetables and Yukon mashed potatoes came in small cereal bowl-sizes. Hmm.

    The waitress was attentive, the man refilling our water a little too much so (came to our table every five minutes!), and the table next to us complained rather audibly about the terrible porterhouse before her and the garnishing which tasted like turnip when it shouldn't have (more hmm.) The bar looked like a happening scene and the bartender was actually interacting well with the patrons, but we didn't have any drinks. For a bill of $97 for two people, it wasn't worth it at all.