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May 19, 2000 01:41 PM

first meeting of NY Serial Diners

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Hi again! I haven't gone out as an SD in nyc, but i did once a few years ago in Buffalo. Unfortunately, their group was up to a place that was located in a food court at a mall. (I'll give you the details if and when we meet). The Toronto group recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and was featured a few years ago in "Games" magazine (which is how i heard about it). They have a website, but i'll have to look for it. Did you notice that all the 9th Ave. Festival posters are guys and all of us are not? Is there any anthropological meaning to this, like guys prefer to ingest their calories in large, anonymous crowds, and women prefer smaller groups? Jessica, aren't you the one who was looking for a caterer a while back? How was your party (if it happened already)? I'm willing to pre-meet at the 9th Ave. Fest. (or somewhere else). What do you think?

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