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May 19, 2000 12:47 PM

Chimay Cheese

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Chowhound technical attache Pierre Jelenc has spotted Chimay cheese (a raw milk cheese made by the same Belgian Trappists who make the beer) at a store called "Gracefully" on ave A.

It's expensive at over $10/lb, but this is a holy grail that has been nearly impossible to find (for obvious reasons) around here.

No idea what kind of shape it's in; we haven't tried it.


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  1. Chimay cheese has been regularly available down here in DC for a long time. I wonder why it's been so scarce in NY.

    1. We've found it several times at Murray's on Bleecker St.

      1. We frequently have it on our cheese board at Gramercy Tavern although not at this time. It's not so difficult to get as far as I know. We've carried it for the past 4 years although recently requests for it have been growing. Imagine, a cheese with Buzz!

        1. I have found Chimay cheese at Sutton Place Gourmet in Woodbury, NY

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            I saw chimay in the Garden of Eden (14th St) just this week.

          2. Beware where you buy. I bought some a while back and it was spoiled and nasty. I seem to remember I bought it at the horrifying Tops market in Williamsburg; if so, it served me right. Glad I'm out of that hellhole neighborhood!